Tree Felling

Where there is sufficient space, trees can be felled in one from ground level. 

Tree Assessment and Advice

Tree Felling Cut_1

Your free site visit will be carried out by a qualified tree consultant, who will make an unbiased assessment of your tree. They will discuss your requirements or concerns and can provide you with advice on appropriate tree management options.

The options may include: 

  • Do nothing - on many occasions we are able to provide assurance that the tree is healthy and doesn't require work at that time.

  • Prune - the removal of selected branches or Crown Lifting, Crown Reduction, Crown Thinning, Pollarding and Veteranisation.

  • Felling - complete removal, either by felling or dismantling in sections.

Where a tree requires work, its condition may dictate what work techniques can be safely used. For example, climbing may not be an option if the tree is extensively decayed or unstable, in which case a platform or crane may be best.


We take into consideration all the legal issues surrounding work to trees:  

  • Health & Safety - your duty of care obligations, as well as ours.

  • Tree protection - tree preservation orders (TPO) or trees within conservation areas.

  • Felling license - required in certain circumstances where a number of trees are being felled.

  • Wildlife - protected species and habitats, including bats, badgers, nesting birds & dormice.

As required, we will make all the necessary applications on your behalf and ensure that your legal obligations are met, as well as ours.

Work Planning

Without a proper assessment of all the influencing factors, people and property can be put at risk. These factors are often overlooked when the unqualified or inexperienced attempt tree work. 

The factors include the tree’s natural lean and weight bias, other adjacent trees, the proximity of people, property, roads and services (above and below ground). From this, the risks can be determined and safety precautions put in place. Precautions might include signage, cones, or even traffic lights if a road is involved. 


A straightforward tree fell may only require a chainsaw, wedges and a felling lever. When more advanced techniques are required, to ensure safety, a wider range of specialist tools, equipment and machinery will be required. We are equipped to tackle any tree fell and cover any eventuality.

Felling the Tree

Where there is enough space, trees may be felled in one from ground level. The work sequence is as follows:

  1. Establish the safe working area.

  2. Clear around tree base, removing low branches and ivy stems.

  3. Carry out the checks -

    • Can the felling cuts be made into sound wood so that the felling process can be properly controlled?
    • Are there any loose, unstable or decayed limbs that may detach during the fell and cause injury or damage?
    • Is the tree is tangled with other plants or trees that may cause it to veer from the expected direction?

  4. Clear the ‘escape routes’ so the operator can move away when the tree starts to fall.

Once all the prep has been done, three accurately placed cuts are all that’s needed to fell the tree:


Felling Diagram_1

Recent Customer Feedback

  • “All looks very good. We’ll be in touch in the future for further planting. Thank you.”

    Mr. Williams, Llangennech Community Council, November 2017

    Supply and planting of 5 standard oak and whitebeam trees at Llangennech Cemetery
  • “Excellent job. They worked really well, the work was first class. Thank you.”

    Mr. Martin Castlemorris, November 2017

    Pruning of an ornamental willow tree
  • “All good, everything was left nice and tidy. Thanks for the call.”

    Mr. Lane, Johnston, November 2017

    Reduction of sycamore trees protected by a TPO
  • “Excellent job, very happy with everything. Thank you.”

    Mrs. Philpin, Haverfordwest, November 2017

    Various coppicing and hedge reduction work
  • “Really impressive company. Right from the start we had excellent customer service, a prompt visit from a knowledgeable tree surgeon who gave trustworthy advice on our trees, including recommending leaving one of our big, old beech trees as there was no need to remove it. They sent their insurance certificate as standard when they sent the quote & dealt with any necessary permissions without us needing to be involved. The work itself was hassle-free, quiet, organised & carried out by a highly skilled team. We had two huge (100ft) fir trees removed which were both very close to buildings, but they had them both down, stacked & all brash chipped within a day, leaving the place clean & tidy. We have restricted access too, but that didn't cause a problem at all. Fair prices. Highly recommend & we'll be using them again in the future.”

    Sarah, Pen Y Bont, Carmarthen, Nov 2017

    Removal of two cedar trees and tree condition advice.
  • “Very happy. They were unbelievably quick. Thank you.”

    Mr. R Hemingway, Kilgetty, April 2017

    Various tree work to facilitate development
  • “All good, they did a great job.”

    Sue Berry, Roch, April 2017

    Roadside pruning for highways clearance
  • “Excellent work in terrible conditions. Many thanks.”

    Mrs. Wood, Llannreath, March 2017

    Removal of a pine tree
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