The AirSpade

TreeWorks are excited to be one of the first companies in Wales to benefit from this latest technology.

The AirSpadeThe AirSpade is a compressed air-powered tool, that efficiently removes or loosens soil to uncover tree roots, without damaging the tree’s delicate root system.

Once the roots are exposed, we can properly treat and protect the tree.

The positive benefits of air excavation, as an alternative to mechanical or manual methods, has long been proven in the arboricultural industry.

Example uses:

  • To combat poor soil conditions. For example, in public walking areas where the earth is compacted around the tree, the AirSpade can be used to treat and improve the soil in the tree root zone.
  • Root pruning for construction projects. When digging for building foundations, trees can become severely damaged. Exposing the roots with the AirSpade will limit the damage to the tree’s root systems.
  • Root invigoration. This will increase root development, and lead to overall improvements in the tree’s health.
  • Bare rooting and transplanting. Bare rooting is the procedure used to relocate or move the soil around existing trees. The AirSpade will limit the trauma to the tree’s root system.
  • Protecting trees with historic or sentimental value. Maintaining the tree’s health, as well as protecting roots on surrounding landscape and urban projects.

Tree care and management with TreeWorks

Preserving trees and maintaining tree health is a fundamental value of TreeWorks. We offer a number of cost-effective services to a wide-range of customers.

You may have one tree on a private property, or a large number of trees in a commercial or public area. Our service is open to anyone who needs it.

We can work on a one-off job or project, or we can create and manage an on-going tree care management plan.

For more information, and to discuss your tree care requirements contact Paul and the team here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The TreeWorks team.