Tree Care

Safety and tree health is our prime concern when considering treatment of the tree, through pruning or other techniques such as the AirSpade. We’ll only recommend treatment when either safety or tree health is compromised. Even when done correctly, the wounds left on the tree can lead to infection and decay.

Before doing any work, it’s important to consider the reasons and match this with the most appropriate pruning or treatment method.

As approved arboricultural specialists, we can advise you on how best to treat your trees, to ensure minimum harm and maximum benefit.

We can also use The AirSpade, which is a compressed air-powered tool, that efficiently removes or loosens soil to uncover tree roots, without damaging the tree’s delicate root system. Once the roots are exposed, we can properly treat and protect the tree.

All our tree pruning work is carried out in accordance with the British Standard- Recommendations for Tree Work (BS 3998:2010), European Pruning Standards and English Nature Veteran Tree Guidance.

If you need advice, or if you would like to arrange a free home or site visit get in touch with us here.