TreeWorks Customer Feedback

We regularly receive, and welcome, customer feedback, and use it to improve our service. Below are some of the comments received, along with the work carried out.

“Superb Thank you.”

Ms Morris, February 2019

  • Removal of Cypress using rigging techniques to prevent damage to lawns and adjacent structures.

“Absolutely delighted with the work.”

Mrs Hefferman, February 2019

  • Various tree removal and pruning work. Brush chipped and removed with timber cut into 10” log lengths and stacked neatly on site.

“Very happy indeed, the team did just what I needed thank you.”

Ms Bee, February 2019

  • Tree removal and pruning works using rope rigging techniques to protect adjacent structures.

“The boys did a fantastic job, really pleased, thank you.”

Mr & Mrs Griffiths, February 2019

  • Removal of windblown tree propped in adjacent tree. Timber stacked neatly on site alongside chipped brash ready for use by the customer.

“Great job, thanks.”

Mr Clutterbuck Pembroke, January 2019

  • Removal of fir tree on hedgebank , 3 x lapsed coppice trees and re-pollard a 4th tree. Timber stacked for habitat in woodland, timber stacked in manageable lengths with good piece of timber left for a splitting block.

“Really pleased with the work, all the wildlife has returned to explore so pleased we left large stumps and standing trunks. Thank you for cutting the hedge back too. It has been on my list for a while.”

Mr & Mrs Willis, January 2019

  • Removal/ reduction of group of large pine.

“Delighted, thank you.”

Mr Young Solva, January 2019

  • Reduction of 2 groups of elms and removal of trees overhanging neighbouring property.

“Great, team all friendly and all left nice and tidily.”

Mr Hall LLangwm, January 2019

  • Removal of dead overhanging limb with reduction of remaining limbs reduced by 50% retaining as much lower growth as possible.

“Polite, knowledgeable and tidy a pleasure to work with, thank you.”

Mr & Mrs Pembroke, December 2018

  • Reduction of silver birch and Norway maple

“Absolutely brilliant, very happy with the job and very tidy.”

Mr & Mrs N, Johnston, October 2018

  • Application to PCC of intention to carry out work under the dangerous trees and branches exemption on a tree subject to TPO providing all supporting documents

“They did a lovely job thank you, all cleaned up and left nice and tidily.”

Mr & Mrs M, Dale, October 2018

  • Removal of hollow limb from walnut tree pruning remaining branches to reduce uneven spread

“Smashing job done, thanks.”

Ms O, Milford Haven, October 2018

  • Light tree pruning

“Very good job done thank you especially as the weather was so bad.”

Mr K, Marloes, October 2018

  • Annual hedge trimming

“Wonderful tidy job and very pleasant boys.”

Mrs H, Milford Haven, October 2018

  • Fell willow removing all parings from site