TreeWorks Customer Feedback

We regularly receive, and welcome, customer feedback, and use it to improve our service. Below are some of the comments received, along with the work carried out.

“Absolutely brilliant, very happy with the job and very tidy.”

Mr & Mrs N, Johnston, October 2018

  • Application to PCC of intention to carry out work under the dangerous trees and branches exemption on a tree subject to TPO providing all supporting documents

“They did a lovely job thank you, all cleaned up and left nice and tidily.”

Mr & Mrs M, Dale, October 2018

  • Removal of hollow limb from walnut tree pruning remaining branches to reduce uneven spread

“Smashing job done, thanks.”

Ms O, Milford Haven, October 2018

  • Light tree pruning

“Very good job done thank you especially as the weather was so bad.”

Mr K, Marloes, October 2018

  • Annual hedge trimming

“Wonderful tidy job and very pleasant boys.”

Mrs H, Milford Haven, October 2018

  • Fell willow removing all parings from site

“Lovely, we now have lower trees and more light and they cleaned up all the mess.”

Mr T, Clarbeston Rd, October 2018

  • Reduce height of 4 Lawson Cypress by approx. 5m, chip and remove brash leaving timber stacked in lengths neatly on site

“Absolutely lovely, they cleared up all the mess, delighted.”

Mrs P, Pembroke Dock, October 2018

  • Sectional dismantle of Cypress tree, brash chipped and removed from site along with timber

“Thank you so much for the amazing job that your team did to remove the broken limb in our car park and the incredible swiftness that they were on site – it is truly appreciated.”

Fishguard Bay Hotel – Fishguard, October 2018

  • Emergency call out of snapped branch removal in recent storms

“I am very happy with the work carried out, thank you, the men were lovely and understanding in the care they took with my trees and the garden.”

Mr C – Pennar, October 2018

  • Reduce height of Cypress trees on garden boundary, lightly trimming sides to shape and contain

“Excellent service from TreeWorks. Reliable, professional and reasonable pricing. Brilliant teamwork and very knowledgeable. Can recommend with complete confidence.”

Mrs P – Llanteg, November 2018

  • Reduce height of two Eucalyptus trees, brush chipped and removed, logs left in 10" lengths and stacked neatly on site

“We were very happy with the completed job and were very impressed with the way the team performed in all aspects of the job, including their tidiness, politeness and consideration at all times, both to us and our neighbours.”

Mr F – Pembroke Dock, October 2018

  • Removal of 50 Leylandii, brash chipped and removed from site along with timber

“Very happy thank you, the garden was left tidier than before the work was started as the team did a few extras all included in the price.”

Mr R – Merlins Bridge, November 2018

  • Tree pollard, hedge reduction and removal of low limb growing through adjacent tree

“True Gentlemen, thank you.”

Mr R – Johnston, October 2018

  • Removal of windblown tree from house roof

“Thank you, very pleased indeed, shall be using you again.”

Mr A – Haverfordwest, November 2018

  • Trim boundary hedges and remove 3 conifers