TreeWorks Environmental Policy

TreeWorks are committed to preserving trees and woodland, maintaining tree health and protecting the environment.

We take great care to protect the land and environment on every job, making sure we follow all industry guidelines, and work closely with our clients and local authorities to ensure the best possible outcome.

We also do whatever we can to lessen our own environmental impact.

TreeWorks green focus:

  • Preserving trees wherever possible. We only recommend tree pruning or tree removal where the tree’s health or the public’s safety is at risk
  • We’re sensitive to birds, wildlife and their habitats
  • We don’t harm or pollute the environment
  • None of the waste generated by our business ends up in landfill
  • We work closely with our clients and local authorities to protect the land
  • We use energy efficient equipment and technology
  • We comply with all conservation and environmental guidelines

Recycling and Waste

TreeWorks have developed ways to ensure that all waste is recycled.

Wood is sold as firewood or donated for use in habitat creation schemes.

Hardwood and softwood timber above 150mm diameter, if not kept by the customer, is stored in stacks at our yard until seasoned and ready to be sold or used for other purposes.

Woodchip is turned into organic mulch.

Timber and branches below 150mm diameter that has been put through one of our chippers, is placed into rows at our yard. The rows are turned regularly as a treatment process that uses the heat generated through the composting process to kill harmful pathogens often found in trees.

Once treatment is complete the resulting product is used as an organic mulch. Then either sold, used on our planting schemes, or donated to school and community planting projects. 

We also make our own compost from non-woody waste, which we use to improve poor soils during tree planting work.

All other waste - paper, plastic, metal, oil etc. is collected by specialist companies who recycle and/or reuse the materials.

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